Monday, January 12, 2015

Thank You to our Clients in 2014!

WhiteBoard Product Solutions Thank You 2014

Some of WB contributed products released in 2014:
ICEdot Crash Sensor
Named Men's Journal top products
The Lifesaving Sensor: The Best New Stuff of 2014

Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig
Catalog cover
Rockler Website

Octane Fitness Zero Runner
Product Video

Warrior HQ Anchor Station Packs
Gopher Multiple Products:
Warrior HQ Anchor Station Packs
Ergo Soft Top Scooter
Assist-A-Roll Bowling Ramp
Warrior Recoil Conditioning Rope Packs
AssessPro Rep-Addition Push Up Tester
AssessPro Torso-Flex Trunk Lift Tester
AssessPro Ultraflex Testers

Autoscope RTMS Sx-300
Image Sensing Systems
Autoscope RTMS Sx-300
Radar based sensor for the detection and measurement of traffic on roadways.

Eromold Booth
Kiosks Developed

Men's Journal
Gear Lab: The Device that Teaches you How to Play the Guitar

Pelican Biothermal
MN Thermal Science - UV Tunnel Stations
Refurbishment program for WhiteBoard developed Credo Cube containers.

RN Roofing Web Page and Rebranding

Peppermint Energy Solar Case

And many more!

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