Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fat Bikes | The Options Continue to Grow

a map of the twin cities bike trails
Twin Cities Biking Paths
Almost 1/3 of  the WhiteBoard team bikes in to work and with a shift in seasons comes our shift in gear. Winter gear is one of our favorites so a few weeks ago our sights were set on finding the best fat bike for this season.  A few of us are avid fat bikers and so picking out our top candidates was easy.  We tested the new Borealis Yampa, Salsa Beargrease XX1, and TrekFarley.  Kevin at FreeWheel Bike set us up and we were off to ride some single track.  

Fat Bike Demo

Fat Bike Demo

What a difference a few years has made for these bikes.  They were all light weight, quick, and simply awesome to ride.  The Salsa Beargrease is perfect for those that “need” a 24lb fat bike or plan to make a run for the podium at the local race scene.  The Borealis was the perfect combination of blending all day riding comfort in a lightweight race package. The Trek Farley was our biggest surprise.  It lacks the carbon appeal but handles so quick and agile.

Borealis Yampa beauty shot

Borealis Yampa beauty shot

 Lap after lap was counted as we switched bikes but ultimately we decided on the Yampa.  Why?  We are a Design firm and this met our high standards. The aesthetics on this bike are great and the performance was refined. It's a bike that deserves a spot in the stable.  

Excelsior bike path beauty shot

Bring on mother nature, we are ready!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

ICEdot Crash Sensor

ICE In Case of Emergency

For those who regularly read our blog, you know that we have more than a few bikers who work here (see Specialized Turbo Review). ICEdot, an innovative young company in Oklahoma and a WhiteBoard client, makes emergency identification and notification systems for bikers, skiers and snowboarders (ICE stands for In Case of Emergency). So we were thrilled when they came back, after the successful launch of their first product, for help with their next: the Crash Sensor.

We design a lot of lifesaving medical devices. We also design numerous consumer products. We enjoyed the opportunity to help design this potentially life saving consumer product.

Inspired by Everything.