Friday, November 14, 2014

LifeScience Alley 2014 Conference | Wednesday, November 19th

LifeScience Alley Conference Medical Device Design

LifeScience Alley is the largest state-based life science trade association in the U.S. WhiteBoard will be participating in its 2014 conference next Wednesday, Nov 19th at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  The conference focuses on Healthcare and its impact on business, it includes interesting speakers, breakout sessions, and exhibitors.

Stop by and see some WhiteBoard designed devices in our booth (#204).

Thursday, November 6, 2014

WhiteBoard Speaking at MegaTech 2014: 3D Printing From Evolution to Revolution

3D Printing
 WhiteBoard will be speaking at Megatech 2014 at Century College in White Bear Lake  this coming Tuesday, November 11th.  The theme of this year’s conference is 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing and WhiteBoard will be illustrating the role of rapid prototyping in the Product Development Consultancy environment and the impact it has had throughout the years.
3D Printing


Monday, November 3, 2014

Partial Solar Eclipse October 23, 2014 | WhiteBoard Photography

Solar Eclipse October 23rd 2014
 A few WhiteBoard team members went up on the roof between 5-6pm with both a Nikon D7100, Canon 6D, welding helmets and heavy shades.
Solar Eclipse October 23rd 2014
The shooting conditions into the brightest object man has ever known were quite challenging and the cameras struggled to get a nice crisp image. We ended up shooting some photos through the welding helmets and got a little better result.
Photos of Solar Eclipse October 23rd 2014
  All in all, a very cool experience.  We think if we had a second chance at it, we’d use an infrared filter, though the next solar eclipse doesn’t happen until 2017.
Photos of Solar Eclipse October 23rd 2014
Fun with photography at WhiteBoard.  Inspired by Everything!

Monday, October 6, 2014

WhiteBoard Presented at SolidWorks 2015 with Octane Fitness

WhiteBoard Product Solutions and Octane Fitness are presenting the Zero Runner at the Symmetry Solutions SolidWorks 2015 release event, October 9, 2014.  Presenting the development of the Zero Runner, and the collaborative effort between Octane and WhiteBoard, the two companies will be highlighting the ability to use the platform SolidWorks as a collaboration tool.  By utilization of the same platform, the two companies were able to seamlessly collaborate, leading to pushing the envelope on function and design.
Zero Runner by Octane Fitness
Octane fitness took on the challenge to come up with a zero-impact training platform for runners and partnered with WhiteBoard Product Solutions to caste a vision for the aesthetic design for the new Zero Runner Machine.
Zero Runner Renderings by WhiteBoard Product Solution

Taking inspiration from the automotive industry, fitness industry, as well the human form, the design team developed forms that evolved the existing Octane design language, yet creating a trimmer and leaner design aesthetic.
Design Inspiration for the Zero Runner by WhiteBoard Product Solutions

Through sketching, quick foam core mockups, and CAD design, the design team was able to quickly develop and refine the aesthetic direction for the machine. The design and engineering team created the final designs for all the housings in CAD and engineered the parts to be ready for production release.

Development Process of the Zero Runner by WhiteBoard Product Solutions

The result, the new Zero Runner machine, a revolutionary machine with a unique look, released August 2014, which allows runners to get their mileage without compromising performance due to overuse or injury.
Octane Fitness


Friday, September 12, 2014

WhiteBoard Does Interbike 2014 In Las Vegas

Innovative Products at Interbike

bike trade show
WhiteBoard product designers Rick Polk and Jason Ness went to the largest bicycle industry trade show in North America, The Interbike 2014 show in Las Vegas.  There they checked out what was new in the bicycle industry and to meet new and existing clients.  Below is a list of what they found inspiring:

Hydropak |
A nice collapsible bottle.

Dog leash
WhiteBoard Developed.  A bike friendly dog walker.

suction cups
Car rack systems using suction cups.  Inspired by glass moving suction 
cup systems.


WhiteBoard Developed.  A helmet worn impact sensor.

KICKR bike trainer |
Design aesthetic/function very similar to the Lemond trainer.

park tool
WhiteBoard Inspired design.

Helmet Sunglasses
A new honeycomb skeletal system. Design 
features that integrate with Smiths sunglasses.

Bike design
The Bike Design Project  |
A bike design competition.

Bikepacking tent using the bike as tent poles.

Ryders Eyewear |
Best booth award.

iglow accessories and nique tool solutions.

Trigger Point |
Line of foam roller products.

velo sock
 Bike protection.

bike storage
Zic Tech |
 Fresh way of bike storage.

Leaning bike rack
 Bike/Garage storage systems. Beverage holder.