Friday, May 16, 2014

WhiteBoard Supports National Bike to Work Day

WhiteBoard Product Development

The League of American Cyclists have named May National Bike to work month, with May 12-16 National Bike to work week, and May 16 National Bike to Work Day.  Being 39 degrees this morning in Minnesota, leads us to the conclusion that the decision makers are not from Minnesota.  Though, here at WhiteBoard, we have folks that bike to work during the winter months as well, so bring it on frosty morning!  Cheers to another summer season filled with getting outdoors!  Next stop, this weekend, the Almanzo 100 mile gravel race...

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Monday, May 5, 2014

WhiteBoard Product Solutions Attends the 2014 IDSA Midwest District Design Conference

Industrial Design

Director of Product Development Jason Ness, and Industrial Designers Caleb Summers and Eric Polk took the weekend to attend the IDSA Midwest District Conference in Chicago.  There they met with students and professionals from around the Midwest area.

IDSA Industrial Design

Throughout the day there were a variety of speakers presenting different design topics. One of the speakers, Dan Brown, caught their attention about his process of inventing the Bionic Wrench.  It was a story about the inventor's struggle with Sears knocking off his original invention.  This is an issue that WhiteBoard can relate to.  We help our clients everyday be aware of this issue moving forward through their product development process.  Click here to hear his story.

Sears, Patent Infringement

The full day of speakers were fallowed by the student merit award winning presentations where Jillian Tackaberry of University of Illinois at Chicago won.

Jillian Tackaberry