Monday, April 15, 2013

WhiteBoard in the News

WhiteBoard Product Solutions Inc. is a product genie

Star Tribune writer Dee DePass did a remarkable job writing a story about WhiteBoard based on a two hour tour and conversations with clients that ranged from medical devices to consumer electronics and power equipment.  In the short time she was here, she was able to capture the culture, diversity, competency and vibe of WhiteBoard.

The WhiteBoard team had a great time with Dee and photographer Bruce Bisping.  We love talking about the thousands of diverse projects that have made our People, Place, and Process possible.  WhiteBoard designed its facility around its process to promote collaboration and inspiration from everything.  Much of our inspiration comes from things we have done in the past, so they are displayed everywhere and function as muses as Dee noted in the article.  Each of those objects is a unique case study that we have learned from, which helps improve our staff, process, and facility.

To understand how WhiteBoard can be so diverse and get such great results requires an in-depth look at the individual projects.  Our goal is to optimize the function, value and appearance of products/devices for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.  The end result is to get the best possible return on investment for our clients, to be profitable ourselves, and to be an inspirational place for our staff to work.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Prototyping and Collaboration: Keys to Successful Product Development

When a client comes to WhiteBoard for the first time, they expect to see our industrial design and engineering capabilities, but they are always amazed when they see how extensive our prototyping capabilities are.  Product development is a very iterative process.  The ability to quickly create prototypes in our facility enables us to "discover" early and often.  It also enables us to quickly validate our designs, and leads to more creative solutions.  Combine that with WhiteBoard's collaborative process, and we are able to get our clients' products to market faster and better.

This entertaining video about the "Marshmallow Challenge" does a nice job illustrating why prototyping and collaboration are so important in developing products (i.e., solving problems/designing solutions):